These are Real Stories From Squatty Potty® customers

After Years of Issues... NO MORE PROBLEMS!
Dear Squatty potty staff, my husband has had severe issues with haemorrhoids and irritation for years, many doctor visits and steroid suppositories daily. I came upon the squatty potty on the internet while doing some research. I am an RN. I bought the squatty potty and talked two other coworkers into going in with me to buy bulk for cheaper! Since my husband has been using the squatty potty he no longer has any irritation or problems with haemorrhoids. My coworkers lover their squatty pottys as well and state it makes it much easier to go to the bathroom!!! Thank you. Valerie L.

The Darn Thing Works Instantly
Folks, My son, Todd, sent me a squatty potty for my 66th birthday. I thought to myself, what kind of a birthday gift is this contraption? Living 65 years "on my own", I thought I was "going" just fine. How mistaken I was! I don't think I can live another day WITHOUT it. It's absolutely amazing - the darn thing works instantly. Thank you for making my life SO much more pleasant! Three cheers for the Squatty Potty! Susan F.

The Joke Was On Us!
I just wanted to write and let you know how much we love your product! My husband is a gastroenterologist and I bought him a squatty potty as a gift, but mostly just for the humour. Given his career, we often give him "poop" related gifts and gags. The joke was on us! We are both so impressed with the squatty potty. It has made a big difference for both of us and we are still in awe of the simplicity of correcting our body alignment during defecation. He said he will now recommend it to his patients! Thanks! J.R.

The Best Christmas Gift!
I am so thrilled with my purchase! My daughter has Crohn's disease and my husband has haemorrhoid problems and I have colon cancer in my family and when I read about your product and the benefits of squatting, I knew we needed this. I decided to make it a family Christmas gift, and was worried about their reactions. They had heard about squatting, and were actually anxious to try it. We have never talked so much about our personal eliminations before in our house! We gave full reports all day long, each one of us thrilled with the difference in just one day! Thank you! Monica R.

Squatty Potty Solves My Anatomical Issue!
Dear Squatty Potty, The Squatty Potty is saving me! I have a Rectocele (thinning of the recto-vaginal wall and creation of a pocket) which is an injury many women get during childbirth (mine was an unfortunately fast and furious hospital birth on pitocin.) After thousands of dollars of physical therapy, a proctologist and gynecologist both wanting to do surgery that would have laid me up for weeks, I received my Squatty Potty and it immediately got me into a position which solves my anatomical issue! I have cut down tremendously on my bathroom time and improved my general intestinal health as well! Thank you! Moorea H., Seattle WA.

I Love My Little Stool Stool!
Hello, My housemate purchased a squatty potty just a month ago. It is amazing how that one little (but gigantic) bathroom habit infiltrates your life. Every time I use a public facility now, I look for something to rest my feet in an elevated position. I am totally sold on the Squatty Potty and wish that there was a portable one (with a case of course, LOL). I would sooooooo go for that option! Thank you for making a middle age woman's day (everyday). I love my little stool. LOL Ruth A.

Life After IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)!
I was turned on to the squatty potty after seeing it on the doctors show and dr oz. This thing is such a change in the way I do business if you know what I mean. I have had IBS for close to two decades now and this has made such a difference. Its has actually made it easier as well as stopping the urge to go after going. My wife is surprised that my bathroom stay is now extremely short instead of movie watching long. Thanks for a great product and help! Darren A.

The Queen of Constipation
Dear Squatty Potty People, I ordered a Squatty Potty and I will say IT WORKS! Being the Queen of Constipation, I am now saved! This is a great addition to the bathroom and my health. Everything is coming out... well not roses! Thanks for your contribution to humanity. S. Sheridan, Southern California

Is There Anything The Squatty Potty Can't Do?!
My family loves it... it's practically part of the family. I originally bought the Squatty Potty because I was pregnant with my fourth. I knew about the constipation that was going to hit me from the other three. I am always anaemic during my pregnancies and have to take iron. Iron = plugged pipes. I was determined not to have this problem. Not only did the Squatty Potty prevent any and all constipation it helped me feel incredible during my pregnancy. I gained less weight, retained less water, had clear skin and felt great! I was regular and believe me, I felt the difference. One added bonus was that it helped me tone, stretch and get ready for birth. I give birth naturally with midwives attending in a birthing pool. There is no better way to push than in a squatting position. I squatted during my previous birth, but it wasn't as comfortable because my body was use to the position. This time, my body was ready to squat. My son was born after less than 2 hours of labour and 5 minutes of pushing. I recommend the Squatty Potty for every pregnant women. It made such a difference. I hope to get one for our two other bathrooms. I'm tired of fighting my husband and kids to use the downstairs bathroom with our "squatty"! Thank you! - Nikki, Pennsylvania

Squatty Potty for World Peace
I recently received my Squatty Potty. I'm so happy with this thing. Seriously, it could create world peace, or, at least, settle the Western world down. You should do more radical marketing. It should be featured on Oprah's show. I'm not kidding. S. B.

This Product Truly Changes Lives!
"I learned about the idea behind the Squatty Potty while attending a pelvic floor workshop led by yoga teacher Leslie Howard. Having travelled to parts of the world where squatting is normal, I had never had the physiological benefits of squatting explained as Leslie did. I did some internet research and decided the Squatty Potty was our choice. We've had ours several months, and my husband and I joke about how much smoother everything goes now. I recently had a routine gyn appointment and told my doctor about the Squatty Potty and how I felt it was benefitting me. She was so interested that, after our appointment, she raced off to tell the department's hemorrhoid specialist about my rave review. In my humble opinion, they should be everywhere! When I stay somewhere without a stool, I look around to see what else I can use to squat. My sense of humor about this matches my amazement that I lived so long "going" against my body's design. The western toilet may have been dubbed "the throne," but long may the Squatty Potty reign!" Thanks again. - Mary Keil

Proper Bathroom Alignment
“Being able to get into a proper squat isn’t just about ideal bowel movements, and reducing bloating and hemorrhoids (as if that isn’t enough); squatting can also help strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent low back injuries. Pressure from straining during elimination can cause the nerves that control the Bladder, Uterus and Prostate to become stretched and damaged. Straining can also cause Hernias and Pelvic Organ Prolapse. The great thing about the Squatty Potty is that it raises you up so you can squat over your own toilet and the platform is slightly tilted allowing for those tight calf muscles.” - Barbara Loomis, Portland, OR

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