Squatty Potty Base 2.0 with optional 2" Topper | SKU: SQP-BASE2.0

The 2.0 is compact and completely stores under the bowl of your toilet saving valuable space. The perfect choice to accommodate your squatting needs. Now available with topper extension to raise the stool to 9" height.


  • Minimalist design.
  • 7" up to 9" height (with topper extension).
  • Made from recycled material.
  • Durable & easy to clean.
  • Great for apartments or smaller spaces.
  • Water and Mold Resistant.


  • Better health and wellness.


Material: Durable plastic Dimension : 45 x 19.5 x 29.5 cm (base unit) Product weight: 800 gms Weight Limit: 115 kg.


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