Squatty Potty TP Foam Bum Wipe Spray | SKU: SQP-FOAM-WEB

Squatty Potty TP Foam Bum Wipe Spray



How clean does your bum need to be? Well ... apparently very clean. After every motion there's always a little residue left over. So we use things like 'wet-wipes' to get that last bit of 'you-know-what' out of the chute, right? Actually .. not so good! Those pesky 'wet-wipes will clog up your toilet system and it will cost you a mint to fix. Plumbers are expensive. So here is the perfect solution. Apply a little of our TP foam to a few folds of toilet paper, wipe, flush and feel refreshed! We made it with soothing aloe and witch-hazel so it softens skin and reduces discomfort. Forget wet wipes! Hygienic and eco-friendly. Doing the right thing just feels good. Like, it literally feels good on your bum. Clean Better. Wipe smarter.


  • apply directly onto toilet paper.
  • soothes and cleanses.
  • sewer and septic safe.
  • contains aloe and witch hazel.
  • environmental friendly.
  • Product arriving Nov 2018 ... Just in time for Xmas.


  • Making your world a cleaner place.

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