Small town—big poops

The Squatty Potty journey began in St. George, Utah, where The Edwards family was in a pinch… Judy was really constipated. When a doctor suggested squatting would cure her strain, Bobby and Bill realized this knowledge could change the world.

Our fans love our stools, and some of them happen to be pretty famous—like Hugh Jackman, Bryan Cranston, and Howard Stern. We also created a viral video about Dookie, the ice cream pooping unicorn, that was viewed by hundreds of millions of people!

We give a crap

Our mission is to improve bathroom health around the world. To achieve this, we donate a percentage of our annual revenue to organizations that spread awareness around digestive health and the negative effects of western toilets.

We also want poop to be the only thing going back into mother earth, so we manufacture every Squatty Potty with recyclable or renewable materials.